Toucan Eco eSpray


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Toucan Eco eSpray

What makes Toucan Eco eSpray Responsible?

Toucan® Eco eSpray lets you make a powerful, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant cleaner from just water, ordinary salt and electricity that kills more than 99.999% of germs, including the coronavirus. Make your own disinfectant cleaner Kills more than 99.999% of germs. Fast acting antiviral and antibacterial. Safe and hypoallergenic. Environmentally friendly reducing chemical and plastic waste. Fully accredited and proven to work. Saves money and is virtually free to make. Fragrance free. Makes 350ml in 5 minutes. Uses just water, salt and electricity. Certified to EN 14476, EN 16777, EN 1276 and EN 13697, and registered as a EU Biocide.

Raw Materials

Hypoallergnic & Asthma Friendly


It’s completely safe, virtually odour-free and hypoallergenic to people and animals. Read most cleaning product labels and you’ll find health warnings about being flammable, toxic and about the dangers of touching or breathing in. Ours is safe enough to wash the food you eat, your hands and even your face. Our products are hypoallergenic and asthma friendly.

No Single Use Plastic Bottles


No more single-use plastic bottles going into the recycling bin, landfill or the ocean.

No Animal Testing & Vegan Friendly


Our products have never been tested on animals. Our products don't contain any animal products.