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Notebooks & Journals

What makes Notebooks & Journals Responsible?

Shop sustainably from our large range of notebooks and journals. In a variety of sizes including A4, B5, A5, and A6 and a choose from block colours and featured artist designs. Designed, printed and bound in Brisbane, Australia and made from a range of FSC-Recycled and FSC-Mix papers. Let’s Replant the Planet, One Note at a Time!

Raw Materials1

Made from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste and FSC-Certified Paper

Raw Materials

Our notebooks are printed entirely on FSC-certified paper using FSC-certified printing methods. The recycled inside pages are made from 100% post consumer waste, with no virgin paper fibres used, and our paper is carbon neutral and created using a completely chlorine-free process. We also have a range of notebook covers and cards made from recycled coffee cups – helping to keep this common form of waste out of landfill and instead turn it into something beautiful. All products are printed using vegetable-based inks – a renewable resource that removes the need to use harmful solvents during the printing process.

100% Australian Made


We’re delighted to say that every single Notely product is designed, printed and bound right here in Australia – and always will be. That means we can be completely transparent about every part of the process and the supply chain – ensuring a high quality product that treads lightly on the earth. It also means the carbon footprint of getting the final product to you from our factories is lower than the mass-produced high street retailers.