Wattyl Granosite


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Wattyl Granosite

What makes Wattyl Granosite Responsible?

Australia's original texture specialist, founded in 1952. The Granosite range of ultra-premium products is extensive, and are specified and applied (by specialist applicators) in various combinations to provide high-performance texture coating systems, in a variety of distinct looks. There is a Granosite Full Texture Coating System to suit most commonly available substrates, are low-maintenance and provide durability, performance and protection such as water resistance, dirt resistance, colour hold, and elasticity to assist in bridging fine cracks and surface imperfections. Granosite Texture Coating Systems offer a variety of different looks and thickness builds, from a low-build smooth stipple to a medium-build bag and paint, and a high-build stucco look. To add to this, they can be tinted to most exterior colours.