Deodorant Combo (Cucumber & Green Tea)

World's first refillable antiperspirant roll-on deodorant. Can you believe it? With a five star gender-neutral scent, it's truly perfect for any human with armpits in need of some underarm TLC. This antiperspirant might be our most miniature product, but it sure is the mightiest to protect you from sweating! Includes: 1 x 100ml reusable refill pouch + 50ml forever bottle (empty) made from made from 50% recycled and ocean plastic Fragrance: Cucumber & Green Tea (new) OR you might be interested in our original fragrance Vetiver & Neroli


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What makes Deodorant Combo (Cucumber & Green Tea) Responsible?

Raw Materials

Single Use Plastic Free Packaging


Zero Co's Forever Bottles and Refill Pouches are single-use plastic free and zero waste. Return the pouch to use to be cleaned, refilled and reused. Refill and reuse the deodorant bottle

Every purchase funds clean ups


It's up to all of us to untrash the planet, not just today, not just tomorrow, but across multiple generations. All your Zero Co purchases help fund our cleanups, as part of our 100YR CLEANUP initiative. Together, let's untrash the planet!

How To Dispose of Deodorant Combo (Cucumber & Green Tea)

  • Reuse

    Reusable Roll On Dispenser

    Simply empty the contents of the refill pouches into the dispensers.
  • Reuse

    Refill Pouch

    Pop the empty pouches into the reply-paid satchel and send it back to us so we can clean, refill and reuse the pouches.

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