Hand & Body Wash Refill


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Hand & Body Wash Refill


What makes Hand & Body Wash Refill Responsible?

Blending citrus and aromatic fragrance families, Thankyou Botanical Sweet Orange & Almond Hand & Body Wash is as delightful as it is effective. We've sourced quality ingredients that clean, protect and nourish your skin whilst also being gentle on our planet. The bottle is not only kerbside recyclable but is also made using 100% recycled material. Try our refill system to reduce plastic even further.

Raw Materials

All Thankyou’s partners are to be aligned with our Responsible Business Expectations


As Thankyou continues to grow, it’s essential that the partners we work with operate in a responsible manner. As Thankyou continues to grow, it’s essential that the partners we work with operate in a responsible manner. Our KPIs: All Thankyou’s direct partners (partners Thankyou has a contract with) to commit to Thankyou’s Responsible Business Statement & Goals, Responsible Sourcing Policy and Code of Conduct. All new significant product suppliers for Thankyou managed products to be socially and environmentally audited and found to be compliant to Thankyou’s Code of Conduct standards by date of first production. All low-risk suppliers for Thankyou products to be self-assessed by date of first production.

All Thankyou packaging and product inputs to be responsibly sourced.


Thankyou is on a mission to gain full visibility across all of our product and packaging inputs and to ensure our product inputs are responsibly sourced. Our KPIs 100% visibility of inputs for Thankyou products by date of first production. Responsibly source Thankyou’s inputs by 2025: - Any product & packaging input which is greater than > 50% of total procured weight (per product) - All palm oil (including derivatives) to be RSPO certified - All products to be ‘Cruelty Free’ (not tested on animals) - All products to be Greywater safe - All products to be rosewood oil free OR certified - All paper inputs to be responsibly sourced (e.g. FSC / SFI certified or an equivalent certification standard) - All inputs deemed as socially and/or environmentally ‘high risk’ by an internal materiality assessment to be responsibly sourced through either a certification scheme, or a third-party audit - In addition, all packaging inputs must meet the requirements specified in Responsible Business Goal 4.