Nestlé | Recyclable retort pouch for cat food

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Nestlé | Recyclable retort pouch for cat food

What makes Nestlé | Recyclable retort pouch for cat food Responsible?

Better collaboration: Amcor and Nestlé partnered to overcome one of the largest challenges facing the industry – the inability to recycle retort (heat sterilzed) flexible packaging – and achieved a technical breakthrough. The companies collaborated during the development process; testing for heat resistance, machine performance, shelf-life and recyclability. Packaging innovation: Nestlé first launched the breakthrough recyclable retort pouch for a line of wet cat food in the Netherlands. The new solution is a Polypropylene (PP) pouch, which uses an ultra-thin AmLite transparent barrier coating for product protection. The result is a recyclable pack that can withstand heat-sterilization and provide a reliable barrier to oxygen and bacteria, keeping food safe without refrigeration for a long shelf life. More sustainable: The new cat food pouch can be recycled and has up to 60% lower carbon footprint compared to standard retort pouches.

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David Clark, Vice President Safety, Sustainability & Environment speaks about sustainability