BabyLove Swim Pants

BabyLove Swim Pants are specially designed for water use, and has a super comfy 360° stretchy waistband to make a splash in summer! With easy-to-tear side seams change time has never been easier at the pool. • Specially designed for all water use and does not swell in water. • The 360° stretchy waistband is designed to move with your toddler’s body and makes for a super comfy fit in the water! • With zero scratchy tabs to struggle with our easy-to-tear side seams make change time effortless. • Fun and contemporary prints for both boys and girls to make summer fun! • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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What makes BabyLove Swim Pants Responsible?

Raw Materials

Australian Recycling Label (ARL)


All our products have Australasian Recycling Label markers to provide clear on-pack recycling information for our customers!

How To Dispose of BabyLove Swim Pants

  • General waste

    Used Nappy

    Easy & clean removal! Simply tear down both side seams from the top. Discard used nappies into rubbish bin. Do not flush down the toilet.