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What makes Ezi-LockOdour Responsible?

The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Litter System is a revolutionary litter tray designed to reduce litter box odours, and make litter box cleaning quick and easy. Two layer, easy to use system: Pellets are placed on top of the tray, while an absorbent pad is placed into the easy pull out tray below the pellets. This dual layer design provides unrivalled odour control, and is quicker and easier to change than regular litter systems- simply replace the absorbent pad once a week, and the pallets once a month. Superior odour control: Natural zeolite pellets dehydrate and drain liquid onto an absorbent pad below the litter. The absorbent pad locks in liquid and odours, and the pallets on top stay dry, ensuring maximum comfort for your cat and less odours for your home. Quick and easy cleaning: Cleaning is a breeze as there are no wet litter clumps to scrub from the bottom of the tray – simply open the tray and remove and replace the pad once weekly. Solid waste can be scooped from the top and a complete litter change of the pellets only needs to be done once a month!

Raw Materials

Leaves a smaller waste footprint than paper pellets


The waste footprint of Ezi-LockOdour pellets is 11 times smaller than that of paper pellets, with the Ezi-LockOdour pellets only needing to be changed once a month.

Solar powered office


Our Australian Head Office features 222 solar panels for a 99kw system, accounting for 30% of our total usage.


Longer Lasting Natural Mineral Zeolite Pellets


This litter system uses natural mineral zeolite pellets to provide superior odour control in your home. Our pellets have micro pores to help dehydrate moisture, while allowing liquid to pass through and be captured in the absorbent pad below. These pellets only need to be changed once a month, limiting landfill. Made of natural materials with no added chemicals, the pellets also reduce litter tracking and are 99% dust free.


Recycled waste materials


We recycle manufacturing waste into cat litters, cat pellets and poly bags to minimise usage volume.