Eau de Parfum & Room Mist

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Eau de Parfum & Room Mist

What makes Eau de Parfum & Room Mist Responsible?

Bringing the beauty of Australia to life – the use of native botanicals gives our 2 fragrances a seductive yet natural aroma. Our unique and luxurious scents will inspire, and are a tribute to the joy and optimism of life. Matilda Life simple approach to packaging means you will be able to compost yet the lovely simple presentation box still making a luxurious gift – both the eau de parfum and room spray are made in Melbourne Australia. Available in: Flourishing Wattle 50ml Eau de Parfum Flourishing Wattle 100ml Room Mist Rainforest Lime 50ml Eau de Parfum Rainforest Lime 100ml Room Mist

Raw Materials

Sustainable Packaging


We use minimal packaging for shipping and no plastic bags. Our shipping boxes and stationery are made in Australia. Our Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

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