Linen House’s ever-evolving approach to sustainability

by Linen House 29/02/2024

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We’re quite the busy bunch at Linen House, yet in between designing Australia’s most-loved bed linen and homewares collections, we’re always looking at how to better our community, and just as importantly, ways to meet our sustainability initiatives as a business.

First moves

In 2017, Linen House proudly became a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a co-regulatory, not-for-profit body that works to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging across Australia.

Leading up to this, our quilt cover sets, sheet sets and many other products were packaged in recyclable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. 

Our newfound membership with APCO helped us to recognise it was time for our business to completely overhaul its packaging footprint, and to help protect our environment from materials potentially causing long-lasting damage. 

As a textile business working with manufacturers who were already producing earth-friendly materials, we understood that our packaging could go full circle – this move was not to be delayed a day longer.

By 2019, we made our official, company-wide commitment to move out as much plastic as possible, not only within our business but also across all new products, while making every effort to responsibly reduce all remaining packaging by our self-imposed deadline of the following year. 

This move yielded incredible results, whereby 2020, we saw it impact over 50,000 products being packaged in the right stuff within 12 months – the stuff that works for the environment, and for our everyday life.

Fast-forward to 2024

We’re incredibly proud to reveal that every product created by Linen House, comes in reusable, recyclable packaging, created from the same material as the product itself.

Linen House packaging comes in the form of a fabric bag with a drawstring, perfect for keeping linen cupboards in ship-shape, grocery or retail shopping, travelling, gym visits or anything else.

Linen House Kids packaging across quilt cover sets and sheet sets comes in the form of a super-cute, matching fabric tote bag with matching handles – a well-received and handy add-on to their new bed linen, to carry books and toys in, and for regular use with their sporting or social activities.

These packaging bags are made from biodegradable, natural and earth-friendly fabrications such as cotton, pure linen, bamboo, and even hemp.

Linen House Product Packaging

And to keep us honest in this ever-evolving journey, we’re seeking guidance with Phantm, a forward-thinking team of trailblazers that help to assess plastic footprints, and then guide and track the transition to natural materials within plastic-free supply chains. 

Through their assessments of Linen House, Phantm has provided us with significant insights to better inform us on every decision we make across our packaging. 

Their independent guidance helps us to navigate the complexities of our material choices, as well as their impact, for now, and in the future.

It doesn’t end with product packaging

Today, all Linen House orders placed on our website are packaged and sent from our warehouse in cardboard boxes, or 100% compostable mailer bags, depending on the size of the order.

Our new mailer bags break down within 90-120 days, depending on the way they’re composted, and offer a rich source of food for plants, while also helping to stop more plastics from reaching our landfills and oceans.

In conclusion, every person at Linen House is extremely proud of the progress and commitment to taking care of our environment from where we started, and we each recognise that there is always an opportunity to improve.

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by Linen House

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