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Arid Zone Sustainability Actions

Be Circular - championing reusables over single use products

Ditch single use products and create good karma by going green with our range of circular and sustainable promotional products. We offer environmentally friendly alternatives to old favourites including recyclable and recycled products. Incorporate items such as recycled pens and notebooks, recycled bags and apparel and metal drink bottles to bring your brand attention for all the right reasons. Check out our products page for more information about our reusables.

Be Better. Package Better.

One of Arid Zone's most passionate missions is to implement better packaging solutions across the promotional product industry. Working with key stakeholders, we aim to reduce traditional plastic packaging with alternative options to cut down on landfill and emissions – from FSC-certified paper packaging to recycled ocean bound plastics and other alternatives.

Giving Back & Making a Difference

Our team ethos for social responsibility and sustainability endeavours is to support charities and give back where we can. We most recently raised funds for MDN (Motor Neuron Disease) and Breast Cancer Awareness and are always on the lookout for great causes to support. A number of our team are active in donating their time for various charities and events. Part of our Diverse Workplace activities also include devouring some truly delicious foods from a number of countries our team are from. We also have a number of regular affiliations we support such as Anglicare, Paralympics, Bayside Community and Polished Man.

The Ocean Bottle – stopping ocean bound plastic

The Ocean Bottle, designed to last a lifetime, has an impactful mission to stop 7 Billion Plastic Bottles from entering our oceans by 2025. When you buy an ocean bottle from Arid Zone, you fund the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles. Local coastal communities turn those bottles into a sustainable livelihood using our innovative exchange platform. Many brands have already chosen Ocean Bottle as a partner to help have a direct and tangible environmental impact. Contact us to learn how this bottle can bolster your CSR activities.

APPA Award Winning Collaboration with Climate Active & The Victorian Government

In September 2022 we took out Gold for the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) award for Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Product Category for our work on the Victorian Governments' Kinder Kits program. This was followed up in in January 2023 with two Gold Pyramid awards at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Awards in Las Vegas, USA. These awards underpin our commitment and our clients’ success in the Corporate Social Responsibility space.

Turning Production Waste Into Recycled Pens

Recycled plastic - lower impact! We stock a wide range of pens made from recycled waste. All external components of our plastic writing instruments (ABS) are made of recycled plastic. This reduces their environmental impact and that of your brand. That's why all of them carry the international recycling symbol. Contact us for further information.

Sustainable and Ethical Production and Supply Chain

We are committed to sourcing our goods and services ethically and responsibly, and we demand suppliers meet our standards for business integrity, labour and human rights, health and safety and the environment. While there are enormous challenges throughout the world with social compliance, and the size and nature of our supply chain, we endeavor to ensure our partner factories and suppliers maintain the highest levels of safety and well-being of all employees.

Carbon Offset

Working with clients on both specific campaigns and products or for ongoing supply, we collaborate with a number of Government and NGO’s to offset carbon emissions during the production cycle. As part of our ISO and EcoVadis programs we are working towards off-setting all team members to reduce our overall footprint.

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