Australian Bedding Stewardship Council

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Australian Bedding Stewardship Council Sustainability Commitments


Reduction of mattresses and their recovered materials ending up in landfill

The ABSC is committed to reducing the number of mattresses and their component materials from ending up in landfill through innovation. We hope to identify other uses for those materials recovered to give them a new life at their highest value. We will support recyclers that operate ethically and responsibly and build a national network to provide consumers, industry and councils with options to avoid landfill and discourage dumping.


Address product design for a more circular approach

The ABSC plans to kick off projects in this calendar year to evaluate where traditional mattress design principles can be reviewed and improved in terms of recyclability, longevity and circularity


Social use and reuse

The industry is experiencing an increase in the offer of comfort returns to consumers and recyclers are seeing an increase in mattresses being presented for recycling that are not at their end of life. During 2024, the ABSC plans to kick off a project to work on a set of processes to create standards around the treatment of comfort returns and used mattresses to ensure the health of those receiving and using secondhand mattresses.

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