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Bisley's Profile and Sustainability Mission Statement

Bisley has been shaping the Australian workwear industry for over 60 years. We pride ourselves on being a big company built on small company values. We are working on our strategy and roadmap for Bisley.POSITIVE to transform our business operations to be more responsible. As a global company, we recognise the responsibility we have for our entire value-chain. Vision and Mission Statement Bisley’s Sustainability Mission Statement Our Vision is to become the most responsible workwear brand The Bisley.POSITIVE commitment touches on the positive steps that we can take as a company to honour the key pillars of our business: People, planet. Product and prosperity. We are on a mission to become leaders, fulfilling our responsibility to positively transform our industry, and get the job done, so you can do yours.

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Bisley Workwear Sustainability Actions

Better packaging

The environmental footprint of packaging should be a major consideration for organisations. As part of our commitment to circularity, we have partnered with Better Packaging Company to transition our garment bags. In 2022 all of our bags will be made using certified recycled ocean-bound post-consumer plastics. Better Packaging Co. work with coastal communities that are most impacted by the compounding effects of pollution and poverty, to clean up their beaches and riverways. This program provides economic development within these communities, as well as a more responsible packaging option for Bisley

Hangers made from ocean waste

As part of our commitment to the circular economy and utilising re-imagined materials, we have partnered with Arch&Hook to transition to a certified recycled ocean-bound waste hanger program. The hangers themselves are also recyclable. Alongside this environmental improvement, we have more visibility into our value-chain as every organisation involved in manufacuring these hangers is audited for integrity and social compliance. By partnering with organisations that offer credible certifications, Bisley is confident about the positive environmental impacts it is making through these decisions. Bisley has also partnered with Arch & Hook to produce our buttons manufactured from the same ocean-bound plastic innovation. This results in Bisley diverting 7.26 tonnes of virgin plastic out of our products annually. Both the hanger and button programs divert post consumer waste back into the system, which could have otherwised ended up polluting our waterways.

Cleaner oceans and rivers

Bisley is committed to a circular economy. As part of this commitment, we have joined the WWF - EMF Business call for a UN treaty on plastic pollution. We have begun transitioning our commercial and non commerical goods to remove virgin plastics, and replace them with solutions that are certified recycled, and recyclable. We anticipate this roll out in late 2022.

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Bisley Workwear Sustainability Commitments


Sustainability team implemented

Formed the Bisley Ethical Sourcing and sustainability team


Replaced hangers with sustainable alternative

Launched 100% Ocean bound Hanger programme with Arch & Hook


Introduced recycled fabrics

Introduced recycled fabrications into new ranges

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