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felix mobile Sustainability Actions

felix gains product certification with Climate Active

felix is proudly certified carbon neutral by government-backed initiative, Climate Active for their product - including their business and support services. This Climate Active Product certification covers access to the mobile network for felix customers. It also includes the operation and maintenance of the mobile network and the production, distribution and end-of-life for the SIM cards which are used by felix customers to access the network. South Pole worked with felix to become certified carbon neutral under the Climate Active program and felix mobile was certified in October 2020.

felix gains service certification with Climate Active

felix mobile is certified carbon neutral by government-backed initiative, Climate Active for their business and customer support services, as well as its mobile network and SIM card products. Certified in October 2020.

Certified Carbon Neutral

felix mobile is certified carbon neutral by government-backed initiative, Climate Active. Our phones might look cute and clean but the data centers and network that drive them use electricity that causes carbon emissions. At felix, we buy renewable electricity in Australia to cover the power used in providing our service, and invest in certified carbon offset projects to offset all other emissions. All of this is certified through the Climate Active initiative, a partnership between Australian government and businesses. felix is a business owned by TPG Telecom Limited. Together we have an ongoing focus on the energy efficiency of the mobile network and undertake various initiatives to reduce energy usage such as: - Installing passive fan-cooling systems to keep network equipment cool and reduce our reliance on energy-intensive air conditioners. - The installation of hundreds of energy ‘smart meters’ to better understand and manage energy use. - Working with network partners to install more efficient equipment and using innovative network site design to improve energy performance.

felix partners with MobileMuster to recycle mobile phones

Help your pre-loved mobile phones live on by recycling them through our partner Mobile Muster. Our mobile phones are created from a wide range of materials, including precious materials which are extracted from the earth. Recycling these devices means the materials can then be re-used, so we reduce the need to take more from the earth. Not only that, but recycling mobile phones reduces energy usage. When we make new products out of unused materials, we use energy to extract and process materials which in return burns more fossil fuels . Lastly, recycling pre-loved mobile phones also reduces pollution. Overall, it improves air quality by reducing the need for power used in the mining, refining, processing, and shipping of raw materials and through this process, we avoid potentially hazardous materials from entering our environment. We're proud to be partnering with Mobile Muster to help you recycle your pre-loved and old mobile phones in just a few easy steps! Learn more here: https://felixmobile.com.au/purpose/mobile-muster

felix is the first telco brand in Australia to be powered by 100% renewable electricity

felix mobile is proudly Australia's first telco brand to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, from solar projects in Victoria, Australia. Renewable energy is simply putting to use the natural resources we have available from our beautiful planet (for example, sunlight and wind) that never run out and do not release any greenhouse gases. felix came to life with a mission to create a phone plan that does better by our people, and the planet by being certified carbon neutral, powered by renewable electricity and planting one tree for every month you’re with us. We believe companies can and should be tackling climate change by considering how they’re producing and using energy. One of the most significant forms of energy we use is electricity. That’s why we’re proud to share that we’re powered by 100% renewable electricity. This reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are released, while leaving more fossil fuels in the ground, unburned. Renewable electricity is key for felix, because the network that powers our mobile service requires a lot of energy to keep us all connected daily. Of that energy, electricity forms a large portion of the emissions we’re responsible for, so ensuring we’re purchasing renewable certificates is a way we can do better by our electricity emissions. This allows us to go above and beyond being carbon neutral . Here in Australia, the two types of RECs are called small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and large-scale generation certificates (LGCs). For felix to be able to say that we’re powered by 100% renewable electricity, we’ve purchased enough LGCs that equate to the total electricity (MWh) that felix consumes in a year. As we welcome more customers to felix, we look forward to increasing our purchase of renewable electricity and helping to incentivise the growth of renewable electricity in Australia. Read more about this here: https://felixmobile.com.au/purpose/renewable-electricity

felix partners with One Tree Planted - with a goal to plant 1,000,000 trees

We've partnered with non-profit partner, One Tree Planted, to help regenerate the planet. How does it work? Just for choosing felix as your phone plan provider, we’ll contribute one tree for every month you’re with us through One Tree Planted. Along the way we’ve also made some donations including 15,000 seedlings for bush fire relief in Australia when we launched in late 2020 and 25,000 additional trees for World Environment Day in June of 2021. We work with the passionate team at One Tree Planted to select the projects where the felix trees will be planted. Project selection considers the planting season and other benefits such as biodiversity and community benefits. One Tree Planted’s local planting partners then plant the saplings in the rainy season and the trees are monitored and maintained. We then receive a report on the impact generated and share it back with our felix customers! Essentially by being with felix, you’re supporting one little sapling to be grown in local nurseries, planted in the earth, and cared for in the wild in its early stages of life. What projects does felix work with? To date, we've planted here at home in Australia, as well as around the world in places like India and The Andes. You'll often see us contributing to a new project every three months, depending on where it's the rainy season at that time. At the end of the project, we send a wrap up to our community, so you know what tree species we've planted, the number of trees and any great benefits that have come from working with the local communities along the way. Our Tree Planting Projects: January - March 2023: Brazil, Agroforestry Cocoa Project October – December 2022: Indonesia, Kalimantan Water Catchment Restoration July - September 2022: Southwest Western Australia and South Australia April – June 2022: Uganda, Plant Trees for Chimpanzees January – March 2022: Bhutan, Fruits For All Project October – December 2021: Plant for Punjab (India) April-September 2021: Southwest Western Australia (Trees contributed: 72,676) January-March 2021: The Andes, South America (Trees contributed: 10,031) Previous projects + donations: PROJECT – 778 trees contributed to a project in the Philippines through One Tree Planted (December 2020) DONATION - 25,000 trees donated to One Tree Planted for World Environment Day (June 2021) DONATION - 15,000 trees donated to One Tree Planted for Australian Bushfire Relief (November 2020).

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