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Kathmandu Sustainability Actions

Sustainable cotton

We use 100% sustainable cotton in our products. Your support of these products helps to revolutionise our industry.

Our use of recycled cotton

'Recycolor' cotton is now part of our range. To make Recycolor cotton, scraps are gathered up from factory cutting tables, sorted by colour, and then fed into huge stripping machines that break the fabric back down. These broken down fibres are usually too short to spin, so they are mixed with virgin cotton to create a stronger finished yarn. The resulting fabric has a distinctive marle-look that needs no dyeing while the recycled cotton portion of Recycolor fabric uses about 70% less water. Water use is cotton’s biggest environmental impact, so water savings is the biggest win for recycled cotton. Less waste, less water use, less pollution, and a lower carbon footprint – Recycolor cotton is a new string to our sustainable cotton bow.


Down is an incredible natural material, but if the cost of using it is the mistreatment of animals, we're not interested. 100% of the down in Kathmandu products is certified under the Responsible Down Standard. The gold standard for sourcing our warm fluffy filling. Down and feather products come from nature, so the manufacturing process leaves a lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials derived from our finite crude oil resources.

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Kathmandu Sustainability Commitments



Our goal is to become carbon zero by 2025. Tracking and measuring our footprint, carbon offsetting, and investing in regenerative infrastructure all help to reduce our direct impact before we look to indirect contributors to carbon emissions.

Kathmandu Sustainability News

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