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Linen House Sustainability Actions

GOTS certified organic cotton

Linen House has proudly introduced a range of GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. We are proud to develop innovative products that are comfortable, gentle on skin and gentle on the planet.

ReJeaneration: Giving post-consumer fabrics a new life

Welcome to this leap in sustainable and natural bedding that combines post-consumer recycled jeans with TENCEL™️. The process eliminates water waste and the release of pollutants, so that we can all benefit from a stronger, and more beautiful planet.

Community support programs

Linen House has always believed that supporting our local community is as important as developing high quality products. That's why our community support programs include donating 10% of the sale of selected products to marginalised and vulnerable members of our community.

Zero tolerance for toxic dyes and chemicals

Dyes such as Formaldehyde and Azoic are toxic to the body and found in many fabrics being sold to consumers, and although there is a tolerance/allowance for a small usage for products, Linen House has a zero-tolerance for such dyes and chemicals.

Sustainable supply chain policies

Linen House works with factories with sustainability and recycling policies, such as factories that have engineered water plants and recycle facilities to ensure contaminated waters and dyes used are not sent out in the environment, but recycled and reused in production.

Ethical production at every stage

At Linen House we are very proud of our reputation in the textile industry and are well known for our ethical business relationships, ensuring our suppliers are always treated with respect, paid fairly and on time. We consider them to be part of the Linen House family.

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