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Our mission doesn’t stop with helping people around the world get the best night’s sleep. We’re committed to protecting and preserving our environment and reducing our global environmental footprint. "As a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of bedding products...we believe that success must be defined broadly and must be inclusive of our impact on our communities and environment." Scott Thompson, Chairman, President and CEO We’re increasing the emphasis on sustainability within our product development process by exploring methods to integrate additional sustainable components, supply chains and methods of assembly into our products. We’ve already met strict certification standards such as Oeko-Tex certified, TÜV and ISO certifications in our Denmark facilities. Our journey starts here...


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TEMPUR Sustainability Actions

Wildflower meadow creates diverse habitats

We’ve recently planted a meadow of local wildflowers at our production facility in Denmark to help provide vital habitats for the insect population. Wildflowers offer food sources to bees and butterflies which are vital for pollinating food crops. We’ve since received messages of thanks from local beekeepers.

Preserving nature

Waste management efforts in our US wholly-owned manufacturing facilities saved the equivalent of 69,000 trees and over 28 million gallons of water in 2020.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose

Our Danish manufacturing facilities are working together with a number of partners, including the Danish Technological Institute and several other Danish companies, to deliver an innovative program called ‘RePURpose’ which aims to find new ways to reuse and recycle polyurethane (one of the key ingredients in our TEMPUR ® Material).

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TEMPUR Sustainability Commitments


Reduce landfill waste

Achieve zero landfill waste for our US and European manufacturing operations by the end of 2022.


More sustainable transport

100% of company cars at TEMPUR® UK will be powered by alternative fuel by 2023.


Zero Emissions

Achieve carbon neutrality in our global operations by 2040.

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Sustainable Development Goals

TEMPUR is committed to advancing these Global Goals to promote prosperity for people & planet.






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