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Free Lunch

What makes Free Lunch Responsible?

No such thing as a Free Lunch? At GloBird there is, with 2 hours of free electricity every day*.

Raw Materials

Make use of excess solar in the grid


Between the hours of noon and 2pm each day, residential customers with an eligible smart meter will be charged an electricity usage rate of $0, regardless of their tariff type. Free Lunch aims to reward Victorian households for using power when renewables make up a considerable mix of grid electricity. We’ve noticed that there is an abundance of solar being pumped into the grid around this time most days, and that means energy prices are generally lower then.

Pocket savings while doing your bit for the planet


Because generally we have observed excess solar entering the grid between noon and 2pm most days, using lots of power at this time could actually be better for the environment because the power is more likely to be from a renewable source, whereas energy later in the day tends to come from more traditional sources. “We are hoping people can take advantage and pre-heat their house, or run appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, or oven during the free period. They can cut their bills, be super relaxed about usage, and guilt free about the environment.” - John McCluskey, Globird Energy's Executive Manager