Safcol No Nets Tuna

Tuna that’s caught one fish at a time with NO NETS! Available in the following flavours: - Lemon & Pepper - In Oil - In Springwater - In Oil with Chilli


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What makes Safcol No Nets Tuna Responsible?

Raw Materials

Certified by the International Sustainable Seafood Foundation (ISSF)


ISSF is committed to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of global tuna fisheries. Safcol canned fish products are certified by the International Sustainable Seafood Foundation (ISSF). ISSF is committed to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of global tuna fisheries. Safcol has always taken pride in being able to trace its fish from ship to shelf.


Certified "Dolphin Safe" by the Earth Island Institute


Our wild tuna catch is certified “Dolphin Safe” by the Earth Island Institute. All Safcol’s tuna is dolphin safe. We respect marine conservation.


Recyclable Packaging


Safcol works with APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) and in partnership with Opal - Planet Ark to find solutions for recycling packaging materials, including paper, cardboard, and hard and soft plastics.


Protect the future of vulnerable marine life


Nets entrap and entangle marine life. Turtles, sharks, dolphins and rays, are all victims of net entanglement as well as 110 other marine species. Commercial fishing with nets, also known as ‘purse seine fishing’ is devastating to our oceans and marine life when carried out on a large scale.


Highly Selective – caught by hand one at a time


Our Safcol No Net Tuna Range protects other marine life by catching only the fish we require for canning. Our selective fishing is more responsible and cleaner, protecting other marine life.

Reducing habitat damage


No Net Tuna fishing methods do not touch the sea bed and they, therefore, protect the marine habitat to a greater extent than other fishing methods that destroy the ocean floor.


5c from every can donated to Clean Up Australia


Safcol No Net Tuna is a proud partner of Clean Up Australia. For every can of No Net Tuna sold, we contribute 5 cents towards Clean Up Australia, helping the iconic Aussie charity provide free resources and materials to communities, schools and youth groups all year round, supporting Australians everywhere to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

How To Dispose of Safcol No Nets Tuna

  • General Recycle

    Empty can

    100% recyclable. Please rinse thoroughly and place in your household recycling bin.

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