Meaty Vegan® Plant-Based Party Pack


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Meaty Vegan® Plant-Based Party Pack

What makes Meaty Vegan® Plant-Based Party Pack Responsible?

You've got to bite.....for your paaaaaaaarty! Don't just settle for raw veg and hummus at your next meat-free meet up, get the oven on, pick a party pack out of the freezer and get the party started. This big pack comes with 18 delicious party-sized savouries - 6 Meatless Party Pies, 6 Plant-Based Sausage Rolls and 6 Plant-Based Pasties.

Raw Materials1

Lower Carbon Footprint


We've made it our mission to craft pies that help meat pie lovers to make the meaty-leap across to plant-based flaky goodness. Our Meaty Vegan range of pies use significantly less water & carbon than their meat cousins, taste amazing and leave you feeling better about yourself & the planet.