Recycled Maternity Bra A – GG


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Recycled Maternity Bra A – GG

What makes Recycled Maternity Bra A – GG Responsible?

Our maternity bra is soft and stretchy, yet supportive without digging. It features a drop sling cup and gold clips that easily open with one hand - making it one of the comfiest nursing bras. Because it is stretchy and seamfree it copes easily with fluctuating cup size around feeding times, so won't cause digging to avoid blocked ducts.  And don't worry about spending money on a short-term use item because our bra is 4 in one: *Pregnancy - a non-wire bra to wear when pregnant *Feeding - a drop cup for easy feeding  *Convert to a regular bra - see our video in the photo section to show you how *A sports bra, the clips mean you can convert to a racer back

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