Wee/ LBL Light Bladder Leakage Bikini Undies


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Wee/ LBL Light Bladder Leakage Bikini Undies

What makes Wee/ LBL Light Bladder Leakage Bikini Undies Responsible?

Lightweight, no bulk! Our Wee Undies are here to get you back to all things you have been missing out on, jumping, running, exercising and running after your kids. They sit in the perfect position to not bother Cesarean scars or be too low on the body.  They are also amazingly comfortable period undies with lots of stretch, no rubbing on the thigh.  We chose regenerated eucalyptus Tencel for our Wee undies because: It is the most absorbent fibre available It rapidly absorbs moisture and very quickly spreads it across its nanofibre structure, which means you will feel drier It also holds 50% more fluid than cotton Thermoregulating - it naturally has a thermal control to keep you cool Incredibly soft and gentle against the skin Naturally antibacterial without the use of toxic chemicals Highly breathable Made from a renewable fast growing source, eucalyptus trees These qualities mean that we can engineer wee undies without bulk. We use layers of Tencel in key areas to maximise absorption and feel light. They include a waterproof, breathable layer made from Oeko-Tex certified toxin-free PU laminated Tencel. Our Wee Undies also double as period undies, providing protection with even more stretch than regular period undies! They hold the equivilent of 3 tampons worth. They are just not suitable for sleeping down as there is no back protection.  Save money and reduce waste with a sustainable alternative to commercial plastic mass-produced products, bought once, to last for years. One pair of Wee Undies can be worn all day.

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