Cocktail Rice Straws


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Cocktail Rice Straws

What makes Cocktail Rice Straws Responsible?

The Only Straw is a quality, sustainable alternative to plastic and paper straws. 100% biodegradable rice straws that will last in your drink, not in the environment. The finest beverages can be enjoyed with a rice straw of fine dimensions. The perfect length for small glasses Lasts up to 60 minutes in a drink (even alcohol) Gluten-free, vegan friendly and 100% biodegradable Colours available: Black Size: 6.5mm by 140mm

Raw Materials1

What are The Only Straws made of?

Raw Materials

Our straws are made from rice flour and tapioca starch. They are gluten free, vegan friendly and all natural ingredients containing no soy or traces of nuts.

Where are they made?


They are produced exclusively for us in Vietnam, ethically sourced, with all health and safety certificates required. The straws have been tested and have licensing and certificates for ISO22,000, HACCP and FDA International approval.

Designed to last in your drink and not in the environment.


The Only Straw is a 100% degradable, home compostable and zero waste drinking straw. Gluten free, vegan friendly, marine life and wildlife friendly The Only Straw covers all needs and easy disposal for a single use product. Our straws breakdown in any environment within ninety days leaving no trace.