Thallium Chocolate Leather Men’s Boot

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Thallium Chocolate Leather Men’s Boot

What makes Thallium Chocolate Leather Men’s Boot Responsible?

Committed to being a part of the solution, we’re proud to announce our ‘Thallium’ boots feature new materials and components that are kinder to our planet. - This footbed is crafted from sugarcane! A renewable resource that grows quickly and relies on rainwater to thrive (not irrigation). Growing sugarcane crops helps remove carbon from the atmosphere in the process. - Toe puff and heel counters are crafted from recycled plastic (GRS-certified rPET material). - LWG-certified leather. - Biodegradable lining: metal-free and no harsh chemicals. - Soles are crafted with a combination of LWG-certified leather and natural rubber. - Constructed with water-based glues, the most natural, environmentally friendly glue on the market. - Packaged in individual, reusable bags made from a natural hemp blend. - All our shoe boxes are crafted from FSC-certified recycled materials.

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This leather is LWG-certifed!


We’re an official Leather Working Group (LWG) member and purchase 100% of our leathers from LWG-certified suppliers. We partnered with LWG in 2019 to reduce the environmental impact of leather production and work with our suppliers to source leather from LWG-rated tanneries.

Toe puff and heel counters are crafted from recycled plastic (rPET).

Raw Materials

Certified by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), we've introduced recycled plastic into our Bared range. Otherwise known as, rPET, it is manufactured by shredding used bottles into small flakes, the flakes are melted into pellets, and stretched into a thread.

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