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What makes LubeTronic Responsible?

Raw Materials

Biodegradable lubricant


The JOST LubeTronic is an automated lubrication system designed to automatically and precisely lubricate various components of a commercial vehicle, including the fifth wheel, ensuring that these components operate smoothly and efficiently. The LubeTronic system can be integrated into trucks and trailers to optimise lubrication, reduce friction, and extend the lifespan of critical components. Its optimised lubrication system reduces lubricant use, extends component lifespans, reduces maintenance intervals, enhances energy efficiency, and improves safety. Optimised Lubrication: The LubeTronic system delivers the right amount of lubrication precisely where it is needed, reducing excess lubricant use and waste. This efficiency minimises the environmental impact associated with lubricant production, transportation, and disposal. Extended Component Lifespan: By ensuring that critical components such as the fifth wheel are properly lubricated, the LubeTronic system helps extend their lifespan. Longer-lasting components reduce the need for replacements and contribute to sustainability by conserving resources and reducing waste. Reduction in Maintenance: The LubeTronic system can significantly reduce maintenance intervals by automating the lubrication process and ensuring that components remain properly lubricated. This reduction in maintenance not only saves time and labour but also minimises the environmental impact associated with maintenance activities. Energy Efficiency: By reducing friction and wear on components, the LubeTronic system can lead to increased energy efficiency in the operation of the vehicle. Improved Safety: Properly lubricated components, such as the fifth wheel, contribute to improved safety in the transportation industry. Reduced incidents and accidents not only enhance road safety but also align with sustainability goals by reducing the environmental impact of accidents.