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ROCKINGER King Pin Finder

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ROCKINGER King Pin Finder


The Rockinger King Pin Finder is designed to assist with the precise alignment and connection of a trailer to a tractor unit. It is a tool that helps drivers accurately locate and engage the king pin on the trailer with the fifth wheel on the tractor, ensuring a secure and safe coupling. It prevents misalignment, reduces fuel consumption, enhances safety, and improves efficiency during the trailer-truck coupling process. Preventing Misalignment: One of the primary sustainability benefits of this tool is that it helps prevent misalignment during the coupling process. Misalignment can lead to delays, accidents, and extra fuel consumption, as the truck needs to be repositioned for proper coupling. By avoiding misalignment, the tool contributes to fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. Reduced Fuel Consumption: Ensuring a proper and swift connection between the tractor and trailer reduces the idling time of the engine and minimises the need for additional maneuvers. This leads to reduced fuel consumption and, consequently, lower greenhouse gas emissions. Safety and Accident Prevention: Accidents during the coupling process can have both human and environmental costs. The King Pin Finder enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents, which aligns with sustainability goals by preventing harm to individuals and damage to the environment. Efficiency and Time Savings: By making the coupling process more efficient and precise, the King Pin Finder saves time, which is an important aspect of sustainability in logistics and transportation. Reduced waiting times for coupling and decoupling contribute to overall operational efficiency and reduce the energy and resources required for these processes.