Your Choice Reusable Wand Water Resistant Mascara


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Your Choice Reusable Wand Water Resistant Mascara

What makes Your Choice Reusable Wand Water Resistant Mascara Responsible?

An Australian made first! Proudly introducing the Adorn Cosmetics Build Your Own Refillable Mascara. We have every common masacra issue covered, with a selection of reusable wands to choose from - custom designed for every eye shape! Benefits of Building Your Own Mascara: You Choose the Application Wand - Hooded eyes? Short lashes? Panda Eyes? Struggle to wear mascara? Not anymore! Smudge-Proof, Water-Resistant Formula Sensitive Eye Formula - No more weepy eyes & easy to remove. NET WT: 7mls We're on a mission to stop mascara packaging from going to landfill without compromising on quality or results. We also recognise the impact a mascara wand has on the results a mascara formula can deliver, and that depending on your eye shape and lash length certain application wands will be more suited to you than others. So... Let us proudly introduce the first Australian Made and Refillable, Build Your Own Mascara! Formulated with our same best-selling water-resistant formula, but now refillable, with reusable applicator wands you can choose from! The packaging is also guilt-free and sustainably made from 30% PCR (post-consumer) plastics, significantly reducing the amount of virgin plastic being created. Plus, our mascara refills are also completely recyclable and once returned to us recycled at Terracycle. Reusing our silicone application wands is easy. Simply wash and allow to dry - and you are good to go! Remember for the best health and hygiene for your eyes, a mascara should be replaced every 3 months. So that's 4 wands each year you have saved from landfill - not to mention the planet resources need to make them in the first place. Now multiply that by all Adorners. What a difference we can make! Available in both black and dark brown, our mascara formula delivers maximum effect when paired with the right brush for your lash length and eye shape, and unlike any other water-resistant formula, ours lasts the day but doesnt require harsh cleansers or force on the delicate eye area to remove. To Order: Step 1 - Simply choose your preferred wand. Curved Wand: Lifts & Curls. Perfect for opening up the eyes by concentrating on lengthening the mid-section of lashes. Cone Wand: Defines & Lengthens. If a cat's-eye look, or lengthening and defining the outer lashes is what you're after, then this is the wand for you. Little Spoolie: Precision. For short/curly barely there lashes and perfect for the bottom lashes. Step 2 - Choose black and dark brown

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Build-Your-Own Mascara


Choose your own reusable mascara wand for your eye type and only purchase the base when you run out. Mascara wands cannot be recycled and cause tons of landfill. Reusing your wand, washing it in between refilling means collectively we can reduce waste.

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