Bosch Series 8 Fully-integrated Dishwasher SBT8ZD801A

What makes Bosch Series 8 Fully-integrated Dishwasher SBT8ZD801A Responsible?

The Bosch Series 8 Fully-integrated Dishwasher (SBT8ZD801A) has a 5 star WELS water rating and 4 star energy efficiency. This dishwasher has a number of functions including the EcoSilence Drive and ActiveWater dishwashing system that help efficiently use water and energy. Additionally, the PerfectDry function uses a natural mineral to absorb humidity during the wash to reuse in the drying process, saving energy.

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Perfect drying results while saving energy.


Nobody likes opening the dishwasher to find that plastic items are still wet. That’s why PerfectDry dishwashers are here to help. They use Zeolith, a natural mineral that absorbs humidity during the washing phase and releases heat for drying, this saves energy in the process. PerfectDry delivers cupboard-ready items, and drying that is kind to the planet.

Automatic programs ensure the best cleaning performance every time.


By choosing the automatic program, your dishwasher will assess how soiled the items are and adjust the program time and temperature accordingly. This provides best results while making the most of saving water and energy.

EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.


Our advanced motor has been built to provide you with maximum efficiency, economy, and durability while operating. EcoSilence Drive wash and drain pumps work without brushes, resulting in energy efficiency, optimum wash results, and ultra-silent performance. Additionally, the drain pump cuts out as soon as the water is drained, avoiding any air intake and the loud ‘gurgle’ sound that comes with it.

ActiveWater: less water & energy, better performance & quality.


ActiveWater is a revolutionary dishwashing system that uses every single drop of water to the maximum. Our ActiveWater dishwashers are amongst the most resource-efficient in the world, generating the cleaning power of over 4,000 litres from as little as 12.3 litres per wash.