How to dispose of Old Clothes and Garments

There are plenty of alternatives to responsibly dispose of old clothes, used fabrics and garments, depending on their condition, quality, and wearability.

Whenever possible, avoid throwing old clothes into landfill as some fabrics are not biodegradable, or might break down into micro-plastics.

Old clothes that are still wearable and in good condition can be resold, or donated to charities, op-shops, or other organisations. Used fabrics can be donated to animal shelters, or collected by fabric recycling organisations.


  • Donate

    Donate wearable clothes or garment

    Old clothes and used garments that are still wearable and in good condition can be donated to charities, op shops, and other charitable organisations. When donated, these clothes will either be re-sold or given to those in need.
  • Donate

    Donate non-wearable clothes or garment

    Animal shelters, mechanics, and car repair garages may accept old clothes, garment, towels and other fabric that can be re-purposed into pet beds and cleaning rags. Contact your local pet shelter or garage for more info.
  • Repurpose

    Re-sell via second-hand retail shops or online marketplaces

    If you have used clothes that are still wearable, in great condition, and can be re-sold, consider reaching out to businesses specialising in second-hand clothing sales, such as Reluv ( Also remember to use online marketplaces, including Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, to ensure your old clothes can find new homes.
  • Request Collection

    Contact recycling providers to organise collection

    There are a number of organisations that provide collection services for used clothes and fabric to be recycled. Some examples include Upparel (, Underwear for Humanity (, and After (
  • Return to Collection Point

    Drop off at recycling collection points

    A number of well-known clothing brands, including H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and Patagonia now provide collection points in their stores for you to drop off old clothes and garment for recyling. Check with your local retail store for details.
  • Reuse

    Turn old fabrics into household items

    If you have old clothes, garment or fabric that are no longer in wearable condition, turn them into household items such as cleaning rags or mops, bedding for soil, or extra filling for pet beds.