How to dispose of Paint and Paint Cans

Disposing of spare paint and paint cans in a responsible way is important to ensure we do not pollute the environment around us.

Paint should never be poured down the drain, spilled on the ground, or flushed down the toilet.


  • Return to Collection Point

    Drop off at a Paintback Initative Collection Point

    All unwanted paint and paint products can be diverted from the landfill through the Paintback initiative. Take your paint and paint products to one of the 150 collection centres across Australia and Paintback will treat and recycle the products as suited.
  • General Recycle

    Dispose rinsed paint cans* in the kerbside recycling bin

    Empty paint cans that have been thoroughly rinsed can be disposed in the kerbside waste or recycle bins according to the usual arrangements at your local council. *Always check beforehand to see if your council accepts paint cans in general recycling.
  • General waste

    Let leftover paint dry and place in rubbish bin

    Small amounts of leftover paint can be wiped up with newspaper or poured over kitty litter, and left to dry. Place dried paint in the kerbside waste bin.
  • Repurpose

    Use it for another project

    If you have leftover paint, store it and consider what else you may be able to use it for. For example, future touch-ups or to up-cycle some old furniture.