How to dispose of Broken and Unbroken Glass

Each local council has different rules about responsible disposal of glass. Your council may even have a separate bin for glass materials.

As a general rule, unbroken glass jars, bottles, and cups can be placed in the kerbside recycling bin - however, for more details always check with your local council.


  • General Recycle

    Recycle unbroken glass containers

    Unbroken glass can be rinsed and placed in the kerbside recycling bin. However, not all glass can be recycled as different kinds of glass melt at different temperatures. Check with your local council for more information.
  • General waste

    Dispose broken glass safely

    Broken glass cannot be recycled since it is hazardous during the separation process. Securely wrap it in newspaper and dispose of it in your kerbside waste bin.
broken glass bottle