How to dispose of Polystyrene / Styrofoam

Polystyrene foam is also known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or styrofoam, and includes slabs of packaging foam, packaging peanuts/pellets, bean bag filling, as well as food containers and boxes.

Polystyrene is a plastic compound and does not biodegrade in landfill. Therefore it is important to reduce or avoid using this material as much as possible, reuse or repurpose where we can, then mindfully dispose of it at the end of its use.


  • Return to Collection Point

    Drop off for recyling at a Collection Point

    There are specific drop-off and collection facilities for the recycling of polystyrene. For individuals, check with your local council for your nearest drop-off location. For businesses, check with Business Recycling (
  • General waste

    Dispose in rubbish bin

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cannot be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin, especially if it is contaminated, coloured, loose (like bean bag filling) or large. Dispose of used polystyrene containers in your kerbside rubbish bin, and be extra mindful of small loose pieces. Check with your local council about how to safely dispose of larger / bulky pieces of polystyrene.
  • Repurpose

    Research clever ideas on how to reuse / repurpose

    Spare polystyrene items such as cups, packing peanuts, or bulky boxes can be re-purposed for other uses around the house. For example, packing peanuts can be used to re-stuff beanbags or be put at the bottom of plant pots before putting in soil to help with water drainage. For more ideas, visit