How to dispose of Mattresses

There are several organisations/companies that help collect and recycle mattresses and prevent them from reaching landfill.

If your used mattress is in good condition, there are organisations and charities that may receive them as donations.

Various parts of a used mattress can also be upcycled into other things, make sure you do your research for ideas before throwing it away.


  • Return to Collection Point

    Drop off for recycling

    There are several organisations, such as, that collect and recycle mattresses and prevent them from reaching landfill. These organisations have collection points all around the country and work with major mattress brands. Always check with your local council and chosen mattress brand when you're looking to dispose of a used mattress.
  • Request Collection

    Organise collection

    A number of brands can now collect your used mattress to be recycled or disposed of responsibly, when you purchase a new one from them. Always check with your chosen mattress brand whether they provide a collection service for used mattresses.
  • Donate

    Donate to charities

    If your mattress is in good condition, with minimal staining and is less than 15 years old, there are charitable organisations who may accept it to be donated to those in need - for example,
  • Repurpose

    Upcycle your mattress content

    Some elements of a used mattress, such as inner springs, frames, and foam, can be repurposed into other things such as pet beds, bean bag or cushion stuffing, jewellery holders, compost boxes, and more. Do your research to find good upcycling ideas.