How to dispose of Light bulbs

Most councils accept the disposal of light bulbs in landfill. Always check with your local council.

The state of Victoria, Australia, banned all e-waste (including light bulbs) from landfill in 2019. That means in Victoria e-waste can’t go in any household bin.

Some light bulbs contain materials which can be recycled at specialty drop-off locations.


  • Return to Collection Point

    Drop off for recycling at a Collection Point

    Most local councils will accept fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and LEDs for recycling at transfer stations. Your local library, stationery store, digital department store, or grocery shop may also be a collection point. Check with your local council for nearby recycling drop-off locations.
  • General waste

    Put in General Waste

    Always check with your local council to ensure that they accept light bulbs in general waste. Most councils will accept all kinds of light bulbs (with the exception of fluorescent bulbs) in general waste. To dispose, wrap the light bulb in some newspaper, then place into the rubbish bin. Please note: Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes should NOT be disposed of in your household rubbish as they contain small amounts of mercury, which is a health and environmental hazard.
Light Bulbs