Birds Eye Snap Frozen Broccoli Florets


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Birds Eye Snap Frozen Broccoli Florets

What makes Birds Eye Snap Frozen Broccoli Florets Responsible?

Simply open the pack and use it in your favourite dishes. Picked at their prime, then lightly blanched before being snap frozen, Birds Eye Broccoli Florets add great flavour & colour to family favourite recipes. Perfect for quick meals that don't compromise on taste, simply mix into casseroles, stir fries or curries. Birds Eye Broccoli Florets are a good source of vitamin C and source of fibre, making it a great addition to your lunches or dinners. While all care has been taken to ensure the information is correct, please refer to the product label or Birds Eye website for further information. This information was last updated on 9th August 2023.

Raw Materials

Climate-friendly agricultural farming


Our Agricultural Services team work closely with our Australian farmers providing crop advice and looking for innovative ways to help maximise crop yields and enhance the sustainability of our growers’ operations. Tasmania's location and surrounding waters provide moderate temperatures, good rainfall and fertile soil, as well as warm days and cool nights, allowing us to produce high-quality vegetables year-round.

Reducing Production Waste & GreenHouse Gas Emissions


Birds Eye is committed to reducing waste and aiming for zero waste to landfill. Across all our manufacturing sites, less than 1% of the waste produced is sent to landfill, with 99% reused, repurposed, recycled or recovered.

Reducing Food Waste


At Birds Eye, we process crops that fresh markets will not accept due to minor cosmetic defects that render them unsuitable. We source around 2500T of carrots and 2000T of onions per year, which would normally go to stock feed. This process contributes to a reduction in food waste.

Australian Grown and Made


We have a longstanding partnership with Australian farmers and strive to source locally in Tasmania and around Australia. Approx 90%* of our Tasmanian veggies (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussell Sprouts, Onions, Beans, Peas and Carrots) are grown on average, within 90km of where they’re produced into products you love and trust. *We use the figure 90% as an approximate average, as sometimes the volume might be lower due to a poor growing season, in which case we compensate with imported products, which only make up a small portion. Additionally, we source from farms along the east coast of Australia, which offer a diverse range of climates that provide great growing conditions and yields for our veggies.

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