Bamboo Decking


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Bamboo Decking


What makes Bamboo Decking Responsible?

CONTEMPORARY | ENGINEERED Durable and Sustainable Bamboo Decking for Long-Lasting Beauty Upgrade your outdoor space with our Dasso XTR and CTECH bamboo decking, featuring natural bamboo heat-treated for improved hardness and durability. Made without toxic glues or plastics and pre-oiled with premium Woca oil, it’s easy to install and comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Everyone wants a deck that is beautiful and hard-wearing so it will last for years with very little maintenance. Our stunning bamboo decking gives you all that and so much more. Created from natural bamboo, that is specially heat-treated to dramatically improve its hardness, stability and durability to a level that far exceeds tropical hardwoods traditionally used in decking. In fact, our bamboo decking boasts a Janka hardness rating twice that of Merbau. Unlike other “composite” decking products which often contain toxic glues and even plastics, our bamboo decking contains no plastics so it remains cool underfoot on hot summer days and is fully bio-degradable. Your bamboo decking comes pre-oiled with premium quality Woca Oil, so it is ready to install. Installation itself is a breeze thanks to a unique concealed stainless steel clip system that seamlessly joins the planks together, giving a smooth modern finish without unsightly screw or nailheads. You simply cannot find a better decking material for either domestic or commercial applications. 25 year warranty House of Bamboo’s Dasso bamboo decking offers a 25 year warranty against material defects in workmanship in residential applications. In commercial applications the warranty period is 10 years. In either case the warranty ensures the decking will not suffer structural damage due to rot, decay, or termites for that period of time, as long as it has been installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Key elements: - 25 year warranty (residential) - 10 year warranty (commercial) - Guaranteed against rot, decay and termites - Bushfire rating of 29 BAL - Available in Cognac or Espresso (colours) - Pre-oiled with premium WOCA oil - Available in 1850mm length and 137mm width, in either 18mm or 20mm thickness - Shipping daily to NSW, QLD, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia


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