Rattan & Cane Webbing


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Rattan & Cane Webbing


What makes Rattan & Cane Webbing Responsible?

TEXTURED | HANDMADE House of Bamboo has been supplying handwoven artisanal rattan cane webbing for over 50 years. When incorporated as a design element, rattan adds texture creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Raw Materials

Rattans - natural, renewable, and sustainable


Handwoven artisanal rattan cane webbing This hardy and versatile material, traditionally used in chairs, binding and basketry, is now being specified by designers and architects in bedheads, ceilings, wall panels and privacy screens. Rattan linings for ceilings are increasingly popular in the hospitality industry creating a sophisticated yet relaxed natural vibe. Framed in panels they can transport you from an oriental to contemporary setting. The open weave allows for a contrasting background colour or backlighting for a soft warm glow. Woven in community villages, our rattan is premium grade and of the highest quality. Our relationships with these villages were forged over 40 years ago and we are proud to continue this tradition and support their growth and diversification. Rattan is a naturally renewable climbing palm that continues to be an invaluable part of rural people’s livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia. Rattans are regarded as the most important commercial non-timber forest product. Key elements: - We stock the largest range of open and closed weaves in Australia - We have over 20 designs and shades available - Standard widths are 600mm and 910mm - Selected designs available in 450mm, 700mm, 750mm and 1050mm widths - Inner core can be painted or stained to match your existing décor - Creates stylish joinery panels that will enhance the look of any room - Shipping daily to NSW, Queensland, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Victoria


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