Bamboo Blinds


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Bamboo Blinds

What makes Bamboo Blinds Responsible?

TEXTURED | HANDMADE Finest Quality Bamboo Blinds Experience the timeless elegance of bamboo with our custom-made bamboo blinds, an essential part of the bamboo revolution in the 1970s. Hand-made in Australia, our blinds are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces and bring a relaxed, yet stylish ambiance to any room.

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Revive the Bamboo Revolution and Elevate Your Home with Finest Quality Bamboo Blinds


Renowned for being exceptionally lightweight, our bamboo blinds are available in a choice of 5 different styles featuring either fine matchstick bamboo poles or bamboo slats. Bamboo blinds also come in a choice of 7 different colours ensuring their versatility remains the secret to their sustained popularity. You can choose your bamboo blinds in their natural state, or have them delivered stained or painted. They come as either roll up blinds or roman blinds and you can choose to fit them as recessed or face fixed blinds. Whether used indoor or outdoor, bamboo blinds bring a relaxed, yet surprisingly stylish ambience anywhere they are used. Inside they bring much needed privacy to any room you install them in, while outside they are an effective and simple way to provide much needed shade. Wherever you install them, you can rest assured our bamboo blinds will withstand the harsh Australian weather. However, to ensure the longest possible life in outdoor applications, we recommend you always allow wet bamboo blinds to dry naturally in their rolled down position. Additionally, we recommend you do not tie down the blinds as this can put the stitching under extreme stress leading to premature breakdown of the product. It is better to roll the up during extreme weather events. Key elements: - All bamboo blinds created from authentic, natural bamboo - Choose from either thin matchstick or thicker slat style blinds - Available in 5 different styles – Matchstick, Raw, Combi, Classic or Woven - Choice of 7 different colours – Bali, Charcoal, Golden Oak, Natural, Tortoiseshell, Walnut or White - Custom made lengths to a maximum width of 2400mm 5-year warranty

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