Bamboo Cleaner and Protector – maintenance for bamboo poles and rod screens


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Bamboo Cleaner and Protector – maintenance for bamboo poles and rod screens

What makes Bamboo Cleaner and Protector – maintenance for bamboo poles and rod screens Responsible?

MAINTENANCE Bamboo is a durable and sustainable construction material, making it a top choice for homeowners. Bamboo requires little maintenance but still deserves proper care. Keep your bamboo looking pristine with the right guidelines and maintenance products. Bamboo Cleaner will remove fungi, mould growths and dirt that build up on natural materials. We recommend using Bamboo Cleaner before applying Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenater. To apply Bamboo Cleaner, dilute 1 part Bamboo Cleaner to 4 parts water and spray, wipe or brush onto the surface. All to dry 24 hours for the best result, then rinse off with water (preferably pressure rinse). Bamboo Protector and Rejuvenater help protect the bamboo and assist in retaining the natural colour of the material by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. Before applying, remove all dirt, loose particles and existing oil off the bamboo surface (we recommend using Bamboo Cleaner). Always do a test patch of the Protector on your bamboo to gauge compatibility. Once the bamboo is dry, apply a thin coat of the bamboo protector & Rejuvenater by brushing or spraying. Allow first coat to dry for 24 hours (the rate of absorption can vary depending on the age and state of the bamboo). Before applying another coat, do a test patch to check if the bamboo will absorb another coat. If the Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenater is still tacky after your second coat test patch, do not apply a second coat. Bamboo Protector and Rejuvenater is available in Clear, Black or Brown.

Raw Materials

Use natural, plant-based products to preserve and enhance the beauty of your bamboo


Maintaining your bamboo poles and rod screens is easy and straightforward. Regular cleaning and protecting the bamboo from the elements is all that is required to keep them looking great for years to come. Whether you choose to coat, paint, stain or oil your bamboo, the key is to use natural, plant-based products such as WOCA oil to preserve and enhance the beauty of your bamboo. Bamboo is naturally the most sustainable material on earth. Like all naturally sourced products, it will last a very long time, IF it is properly cared for and maintained. But if you think that means having to do a lot of work or using chemical based products don’t worry. Maintaining bamboo is simple, easy and boils down to one word – WOCA. At House of Bamboo, we only use and recommend WOCA natural oils and cleaners to preserve, maintain and beautify our bamboo products. Forget sanding or stripping your floors or decks or using chemical-based cleaners and preservers. WOCA creates only plant-based oils and water-based cleaners. It all starts with WOCA. When you buy your House of Bamboo product it will come pre-oiled with WOCA to preserve and present the bamboo at its natural best. To keep it looking good is simple. No sanding required. Just a quick clean down with WOCA cleaner to remove dirts, oils and environmental pollutants, etc, then another application of WOCA oil and your bamboo will look wonderful again. You can rest assured knowing that WOCA oil is derived from all natural raw materials. The final products are created to have a tiny impact on the environment, if any at all. And when using the oils and cleaners you can relax knowing you can breathe safely around them, they are all have little or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) so no harsh fumes to breathe in. Take care of your bamboo naturally, without sanding, stripping or creating dust. Use WOCA oils and cleaners to keep its natural beauty for years to come. Of course, if you want to know where to get WOCA products, simply ask us. We are the Australian distributes and you can get all you need from us.

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