Engineered Bamboo Beams and Lumbar Posts


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Engineered Bamboo Beams and Lumbar Posts


What makes Engineered Bamboo Beams and Lumbar Posts Responsible?

CONTEMPORARY | ENGINEERED Strong and Sustainable: Engineered Bamboo Beams and Lumbar Posts Looking for a sustainable and durable building material that exceeds even the strength of timber? Look no further than our structural grade engineered bamboo beams and posts.

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Revolutionize Your Building Projects with Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo Beams and Posts A famous engineer once said that if we could design the ideal building material from scratch, it would look a lot like bamboo. Now that vision has been realised. With engineered bamboo we had already evolved the world’s most sustainable building material into a something very special that is now being used in so many innovative ways by architects, designers and DIY homeowners. Now we have taken another leap forward with the creation of structural grade engineered bamboo. This revolutionary product takes raw, natural bamboo and through a combination of heat and pressure, engineers it into a product with characteristics that exceed even those of timber. Our bamboo posts and beams have greater load-bearing strength than timber, will not crush when bolted together, are more stable in all weather extremes and have up to 40% greater fire-resistance than timber. This makes our engineered bamboo ideal for many construction projects around your home. From patios and pergolas to gazebos, shade structures, arches, arbours, and trellises. You can now make the entire structure from bamboo. And when it comes to decking you can use our engineered bamboo posts and beams to build the deck structure and top it off with our bamboo decking to make your deck 100% sustainable. With the world’s timber resources in peril, you simply cannot choose a better product to help preserve our planet’s future than bamboo. It grows up to 10 times faster than timber, prevents soil erosion as it grows, stores more carbon than trees and even gifts us up to 35% more oxygen too. The possibilities for our structural grade, engineered bamboo are unlimited. Talk to your architect, builder or landscaper about how they might be able to utilise them in your next project. Key points: – Available in standard sizes including 100/100/3000, 1000/1000/5800 & 150/150/5800 – Can be cut to desired length or customised in other ways – Teak Oil finish – Anti-mould treated – FSC Certified – Global GreenTag Certified Level A – Global GreenTag Health Rate – Platinum


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