Bamboo Poles


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Bamboo Poles


What makes Bamboo Poles Responsible?

NATURAL | ORGANIC Design Your Dream Space with Versatile Bamboo Poles: Australia’s Largest Selection Lovers of natural bamboo poles have relied on House of Bamboo to supply them for over 50 years. Bamboo poles are increasingly being chosen by commercial interior designers and homeowners as their versatility allows the creation of many rustic, yet contemporary, looks.

Raw Materials

Bamboo is sustainability at its best, highly renewable and biodegradable


The benefits of bamboo: - produces 35% more oxygen than trees; - absorbs 4x more carbon than trees; - prevents soil erosion and restores biodiversity; - selfregenerating; - ready to harvest in 5-7 years; - naturally resistant to termites Our bamboo poles and slats are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to allow you complete versatility in satisfying your design dreams. In alfresco outdoor dining areas they provide contemporary shade options, allowing lovely filtered light. You can combine bamboo poles with exposed beams to create a rustic looking ceiling. Use them to break up flat, uninspiring spaces inside your home and out, either singularly, in small groups or as a complete cover to add texture and natural ambience. They also bring a more natural, organic feel to your garden when used to screen off translucent shading, steel or concrete fences or other materials with uninspiring finishes. Bamboo poles and slats can be mixed and matched in differing diameters and colours to create an endless variety of looks. Being a natural product, they will fade to a gorgeous silver-grey colour, depending on how exposed they are to the sun. They can also split in some places, but this does not affect their structural integrity and for some, the splitting only adds to their authentic natural character. Key elements: - Bamboo poles comes in lengths of 3000mm or 4000mm - Diameters available including 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm, 50-60mm, 60-70mm and 80-90mm - They come either natural or carbonised and can be painted or stained any colour - We carry large stocks of bamboo poles and can deliver Australia-wide


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