Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable Development Goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Our planet has provided us with an abundance of natural resources. But we have not utilized them responsibly and currently consume far beyond what our planet can provide. We must learn how to use and produce in sustainable ways that will reverse the harm that we have inflicted on the planet.

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Fully Renewable Resource

Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource in Ireland. From sea to skin, we go to great lengths to maintain the unique purity of our seaweed. We do not need to use any of our precious freshwater resources for irrigation; we do not require the use of fertiliser, pesticides, or even soil. Every step in our process is natural and sustainable. Seaweed naturally absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere acting as what to refer to carbon sinks, as its growth rate is about 30% to 60% times the rate of land-based plants. All scientific research indicates that seaweed will play a huge role in fighting climate change by absorbing carbon emissions, regenerating marine escosystems, creating biofuel and renewable plastics as well as generating marine protein for years to come.


Sustainable Harvesting

VOYA help to protect the biodiversity of the west coast reefs through sustainable and traditional harvesting practices. At VOYA, our expert harvesting team check the tide levels of the Atlantic Ocean weeks in advance to strategically plan which type of seaweed to harvest based on tides and weather conditions. They only use sustainable harvesting practices, which simply means that the seaweed is selected by eye and harvested by hand. No machinery is used so as not to harm the delicate seabed or marine life. Only a small portion of the seaweed is cut at a time to ensure it grows back within 6 - 24 months. The harvesters, like farmers, move on to the different parts of the reef to allow it to fully grow back and replenish, thus creating sustainable harvesting. This allows species of juvenile algae to flourish and regrow, the team then monitors how the reefs and species are regrowing in different locations.



Our products are packaged using recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. Our carton packaging board is a special blend of FSC certified pulps using our own harvested seaweed and our packing chips are 100% biodegradable and dissolve in water. VOYA use glass or 100% recycled plastics where possible.

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